Haircuts for women: trendy haircuts with bangs 2014


Trendy haircuts for women: spring is time to change the image. Let’s start with the hairstyle?

Fashionable fringe sometimes becomes a real lifesaver. As you know, it could dramatically change the shape of the face, facial features make softer beneficial beat any hairstyle and become an indispensable part of the image.

If you do not want to drastically change the length of hair or doing creative haircut, bangs will reveal a vast field for experimentation. Today we talk about trendy haircuts with bangs that are relevant in 2014.

Trendy haircuts with bangs oblique

This is the most extravagant form bangs. It can be long or short, ragged, straight.bang

Trendy hairstyles

Oblique fringe suitable for any hairstyle, hair length and face shape that visually make proportionate. She successfully combined with bob haircuts and asymmetry adds all manner of coquetry.types of bangs


Trendy haircuts with bangs straight

Classical bangs that will always in fashion – its straight bangs. She adds the image of femininity, focuses on the eyes. Such fringe – just what the doctor ordered for the owners of the high forehead, since it diverts attention from him.fringe

face shape

women's hairstyles

It is suitable for circular and triangular shaped face, making features softer. This season, fashion thick straight bangs covering the eyebrows. It combines perfectly with the page haircuts, bob, and bob.haircuts

short haircut

short hair

Trendy hairstyles with short bangs

Short bangs is suitable for women of any age, owners of square or triangular shaped face.boyish style

She draws attention to the eyes and eyebrows, so should take care that their form was perfect. Short bangs gives the image of childishness and mischief.



This season, fashion negligent, oblique and asymmetric short bangs. They look good with short hair medium length, asymmetrical trendy haircuts and fit owners of playful curls. Classic as a short straight bangs, which creates a lovely duet with long hair, now also on the crest of a wave. However, stylists recommend not cut bangs short women with hard and unruly hair as it will be difficult to install.asymmetrical haircut

haircut for women


New emphasis in haircuts with bangs

Asymmetry and volume – the main trends in 2014. The most fashionable hairstyle with bangs is a penalty that is relevant for about a hundred years. Length bob can be any of: big, small, medium. In fashion as a penalty in the classic version with shaved nape. Bangs in conjunction with such haircuts can be asymmetric, oblique, ragged, long, and short.bob

pixie haircut

In 2014 has consistently pixie haircut, which triumphantly returned to vogue in the last year. This trend is in all its glory demonstrate many famous actresses – from Miley Cyrus to Charlize Theron. Pixie haircut is perfectly combined with a short straight, torn or oblique bangs. This option will turn you into a gentle and sensual elf, without any hint of boyish style.


types of bangs

Beat stylists this year and bob haircut. On the podium is asymmetrical bob shortened when the front strands barely touching the chin. Stylists recommend a haircut to make oblique bangs. This hairstyle is perfect for those who have a triangular or square face shape.

asymmetrical bob

ragged fringe

As for the classic bob haircut is all the rage with ragged ends and the same careless ragged fringe.

For long hair stylists offer popular cascade straight and asymmetrical bangs. And if you gravitate to the extravagant, asymmetrical trendy haircuts with bangs oblique specially designed for you.trendy haircuts


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