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pants for women

Pants for women, once women have borrowed pants for men. Now none of modern ladies wardrobe is complete without this handy and functional garment. To date, designers offer many different models of trousers that fit them considered truly feminine article of clothing.

We offers understand the fashion trends of the year, and to choose for themselves the most appropriate model.

This year, designers immediately identified “fashion front” work. Actual pants  for women have a comfortable fit exactly on the waist and feminine form.

A timeless classic

Classic trousers with arrows, not only universal, but also very fashionable thing. More precisely, such a cut trousers and shapes – out of fashion. To a large extent they are present in almost all the collections of fashion designers. This model is suitable trousers for everyone. They hide excessive fullness and not too straight legs. In addition, the vertical lines of arrows on his trousers further create the illusion of slender legs. Bright colored pants  for women Arrow offers brand Gucci. His pants- a powerful color therapy. Bright shades of salmon, turquoise, pink, raise their spirits even in the chilly day!fashion styles

Designers of the brand Bottega Veneta presented a new collection of straight cut pants for women, which are ideal for the office everyday. In addition to a concise style and the absence of unnecessary decorative details, pants brand differ restrained color palette – muted sand and cream for women

What combine classic trousers

You can wear these pants  for women with anything – they are equally as fit harmoniously into the everyday, and in solemn manner. Office fit strict blouses and shirts and cardigans and pullovers. For evening pick up a stylish top or blouse with sequins from small and weightless fabric.

Narrow and tight

Skinny pants for women, a favorite of fashionistas, and this season will be at its peak.

Fashion designer offers to choose either on models up to the ankle, called Capri, or the ultra long trousers that cover the shoes. First perfectly suited long-legged girl, the second visually make up miniature.

Flirty cropped trousers with cuts in front of the Alexander McQueen advantageous to look at the young ladies with long legs. Such a model will be a harmonious evening ensemble with a top made of the same fabric or a concise top or jacket.the latest fashion

Brand Balmain offers to choose leggings with various prints (geometric, floral) and decorative details (zipper, pockets). These pants for women – a successful investment for the coming summer season.dress pants for women

From what to wear tight pants for women

In general, it is recommended to wear tight-fitting pants  for women with long jackets, short trench coats and cloaks. Fashion trend – combined with tight trousers skirts and dresses so that legs could be seen from under the hem.


Originally from the 70′s, they have taken a worthy place in the fashion niche trends of the coming season. The main signs of fashionable wide trousers – slightly higher waist and loose, sometimes even excessively, cut. Very wide pants for women, more like a skirt, also called fashion

Slacks enjoy particularly women, full-bodied – free cutting perfectly camouflages figure flaws.

Flowing pants for women are cut free from the brand Celine. Translucent white fabrics combined with bright contrasting details will make the right impression – hide excessive fullness of hips and accentuate the style

Wide trousers with arrows of gold fabric from Michael Kors will be a stylish piece of evening attire.

What combine slacks

Wear slacks rather narrow and tight top. Adjacent knitted cardigan, a fitted jacket, blouse or shirt made of thick cloth – perfect trouser cut free.

Banana pants, trousers, leather and prints


Pants for women  with pockets at the waist and tapering to be relevant and this year, however, as always. These pants for women are not so vain loved women of fashion. They are incredibly slim legs and make them infinitely long, despite a few awkward appearances.

Pants bananas from Diane von Furstenberg have high waist and a shorter length. Original parts as the Basques or unusual belt will add to the image of femininity and charm.ladies fashion

“Bananas” from Lanvin – discreet and stylish solution for every day of the noble tone fashion

And the pants for women from the brand Chloe of gold brocade or dark blue satin – great for an evening out.women pants

What to put on bananas

Wear bananas this year, designers are advised to flying fitting blouses and jackets and evening wear such pants for women sexy open top. And be sure to heels!


Eastern women’s traditional model of trousers to the taste and European ladies. Free cutting, good hiding completeness and cuffs at the ankles, making them elegant – obvious advantages trousers.

In addition, the trousers are very comfortable and does not hamper your movements. The only negative – the inability to walk in them all year round, as the trousers sewn mainly of light and flowing fabrics. Bloomers “promise” to become an absolute hit of the coming summer. Choose those that are slightly pulled down to the hips – that this model will be the trend.

Christophe Lemaire – creative director of the fashion house Hermes, presented a colorful collection of dresses, as if designed to travel to the most exotic places of our planet. It includes a comfortable and functional things, including, and bloomers. Shortened in length just above the ankles, these trousers are made from flowing silk with fine geometric pattern. These pants Christophe Lemaire suggests wearing a shirt with a free cut and similar print. And always with elegant shoes with heels or pants for women

Diane von Furstenberg has to wear trousers in the summer and in the city. Flowing silk trousers in ocher fit perfectly in office style, though, if the dress code is not too strict. Outside the office designer offers oriental feel beautiful and put on loose tunics to match the pants for women.


Leather pants back on the fashion wave. But this time the designers choose not to call coarse and brutal options, and prefer more feminine models.

What will cut leather pants, you decide. The main thing with which to combine them in order not to become like the girlfriend of a rock star.

Yves Saint Laurent, for example, suggests wearing tight leather pants combined with a white blouse with lace trim. Will be a very feminine and

At Ralph Lauren can peek current retro images. Fortunately, the entire spring collection is based on them. Wide cropped leather trousers in a retro bow complemented by a shorter jacket in red. As accessories have been chosen taking concise and scarf. It turned out very French – elegant and discreet.


Pants with prints found an absolute must have the upcoming summer. Considered the most fashionable floral print. The correct size of the flowers on the fabric – not too big that you can see the basic color background image. Almost all designers suggest wearing colorful tunics and trousers with a loose shirt with the same floral pattern.

In addition, the ideal solution for each day will be a combination of flowered pants with thin fitting sweaters. Welcome and the presence of various drapery on tops and scarves as a belt with pants – so the designer can now fashionable eastern theme. Mark Hermes suggests wearing red pants with a pattern of white exotic flowers combined with an unusual top, as if hastily made of a handkerchief.

At Gucci can find elegant pants with delicate peony on tissues that carry brand offers a trend

Geometric print was smaller than in previous seasons. Also, not so bright. Balmain and Prabal Gurung fully demonstrated this trend. Fancy pants these brands adorns discreet design as diamonds and fancy geometric fashion trends

Wear these pants should be a top, having either a picture or a neutral color or a contrasting color without fashion

Choose the model of fashion pants that will suit your figure. Fortunately, the designers of this year, offers a wide range of current models.



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