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Fashion designers scarf actual color and shape – a clear proof that latest fashion can be not only beautiful, but comfortable and convenient.

A fashion scarf in 2013 – a sign accessory that not only save you from the wind and cold, but also worthy of your complete image. About the latest fashion scarves winter season 2012-2013 tells us.

Knitted scarveslatest_fashion_scarf

Almost all fashion designers offer to bundle up this winter in a cute knitted scarf, the more that it is an absolute must-have. The main rule of the season – a scarf in any case should not be boring!fashion_scarf

This season, fashion scarves painted with all the colors of the rainbow. Particularly relevant green, chocolate, black, yellow (or rather, the shade of mustard), lilac, red, blue, and gray and shades. In trend scarves, combining several colors as well as different prints: ethnic, geometric, stripes, zigzags and more.

Among the obvious favorites – the big bulky scarves knit. How long will a scarf to you, but it must be designers scarf

Marc Jacobs , for example, offers an incredibly wide, like stoles, knitted scarves, the length of which is hardly enough to wrap the shoulders. This fashion scarf fastened giant decorative pin. He also proposes to create a multi-image fashion to wear two scarves at once.

A brand Mulberry presented a very long scarf fringed with lush, colorful knitted from yarn that should be wrapped around the neck and secure with a thin beltat the waist. Brand Cacharel and Kira Plastinina advised to add a romantic image with scarves. The first offers a playful bow tie a scarf on her side, and the second – gentle wear long scarves, fully embroidered with white beads.

By the way, this season welcomes the availability of tassels, pompoms, fringe and other nice details.

In latest fashion as bulky scarves embossed binding. You’ll enjoy a dark green fashionscarf Aran from Monika Chiang , or chocolate-colored scarf from Marc Cain .latest fashion scraf1


Still popular and LIC, or scarf-pipe , which is incredibly useful for frost days, because it not only virtually windproof, but also can be worn as a hat . This season, choose the model of large-scale breeding or with different patterns (knobs, braids) and very wide, so it can be wrapped around the neck several times. Stylish Snudy represented in the collections of many fashion designers scarves1

For example, the Marc Jacobs’a you will find very voluminous Snudy, which can close the shoulders, like a scarf-tube model is also in the collection of Helmut Lang, and Nonoo and Alice + Olivia offer a small, but, nevertheless, very comfortable large knitted Snudy . In democratic brands such as H & M , Vero Moda, also a large selection of bright colored LIC.bright color scarf

In addition to knitting LIC, fashion designers offer and scarves made of leather , fur, at least – of chiffon and other fabrics.


Scarf-baktus that has gained popularity in the last winter season, confidently holding his position in it. This original triangular fashion scarf is not only relevant, useful, but is universal, as fits perfectly into any image. This winter, choose colorful baktusy with pompoms or scarf_2



Bulky knitted scarves, more reminiscent of stoles are also relevant in this winter. Choose a long, wide model. Vivienne Westwood , Mara Hoffman , Nicholas K and many other fashion designers claim that bright knitted scarf will not only create compelling and stylish image , but also give warmth and comfort.latest fashion scarves_2

Fur Scarves

Fur scarf – another winter trend. In the latest fashion models of color and monochrome fur, bright and pastel colors, and leopard print. The length and shape of the fur does not matter, equally relevant long and short, straight and curly fur. By the way, it does not matter, it will be natural or designers fur scarf

latest fashion styles of scarves 2013

Different fashion designers offer different scarves. Bright colored stoles presented brand Disquared 2. designer brands just tied scarves on their models and moved a little to one side or secure a beautiful brooch. A stylish, elegant – and at the same time scarf_2

BCBG Max Azria has to wear long scarves, made from the fur of different animals. Wear a fashion scarf is as simple Flip one end over your shoulder.

At Lanvin scarves are luxurious fur bright scarlet color, worn exclusively for evening dress and diamonds. Allowed to pick up the tone of short leather gloves.

Ralph Lauren brought into fashion scarf,  stoles leopard offered to fill the gate cardigan.

Together with the retro style in vogue and undeservedly forgotten fur boas. This season’s fashionable to wear colorful boas with ties ribbons. For example, an elegant burgundy boas from Disquared2. A brand Blugirl suggests wearing boas feminine pale pink corrugated fur-tie closure.color fashion scarf

Also relevant from fluffy fur boas, tight to the neck. These boas wear brands offer Badgley Mischka, Michael Kors, Lanvin ; they will give a dramatic image and femininity.

Detachable collar that was the trend in the summer, and is popular in this season. True, cotton and silk were replaced with fur. Fashionable fur collar decorated with crystals, stones, beads, and fastens with a hook, or button is fastened to the tape.

This accessory is designed to complete more fashionable image (because it can be worn under casual dresses, shirts, turtlenecks) than for warmth. Luxury removable fur collars can pick up in the new collection Marni .fashion designers_scarf

Another new fashion fur – fur ball-collar. It has a small slot in which to insert the free end of the scarf. Get a very warm and elegant accessory.

Luxurious mink collars with embossed hologram brand has in the collection Louis Vuitton . In democratic brands you can also find the bright and warm scarves (for example, H & M , River Island ).

fashion scarf_5

Another fashion trend – thin scarves that are designed to adorn your outfit and highlight your strengths.

Among these accessories – a scarf, a necklace, which is perfect for evening dress. The most fashionable scarves, necklaces made from the finest lace, silk or sumptuous scarf

Chic lace scarf-necklace represented in the collection Anna Sui . A stylish scarf-necklace from Emporio Armani , for example, is not only perfectly complement an evening dress , but it is appropriate to look at the office paired with a business suit .business scarf

Thin colorful scarves in trend, but are – as well as the scarf-necklace – a decoration image.

Karl Lagerfeld ( Chanel ) this winter offers to choose bright long scarves of fine flowing fabric. In his view, this is very unusual scarf will look if it’s in a thin braid harness and wrapped several times around the neck. Will be a very colorful necklace in Moroccan style.thin bright scarf

Among the variety of bright scarves you are sure to find one that is the most you’ll be scarf_bright

Want to know how to wear and fun to tie a scarf? Look at the master class from our fashion editor and fashion collection from this site: How to tie a scarf in winter: a master class , style lessons:how to wear a  fashion scarf .

How else can you tie a scarf – a way to tie this wonderful accessory unlimited – you can find out by looking at the video with a detailed master-class. Learn how to tie scarves, stoles, scarves, right, and most importantly – it is beautiful!

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