Latest haircut for girls 2013: Pixie haircut


Different haircut for girls like pixie haircut, you can create different effects in the packing for example, to make the hair more volume or adjust the facial features, and is suitable for almost any image.

For several years, cutting style chic negligent not lose their popularity. They are not as difficult to installation, as they seem at first glance to be original, you can create different effects in the packing – for example, to make the hair more volume or adjust the facial features, and is suitable for almost any image.

We offer you stylish options negligent haircuts for long, medium and short hair.

Long hair

Cascade in the early 70-ies of the last century was considered a “good” version of the outrageous punk haircut and was not as popular as it is today. But these days it has become a trend. In the classic sense of the technology is cutting the hair from the crown to the ends of the strands are cut steps, from short to long.haircut for girls

NEGLIGENCE haircut for girls or a so-called cascade tattered wizard makes the step of varying heights. This hairstyle for long hair gives hair volume and effective is a successful basis for romantic curls.girls hair cut

If you have naturally thin hair, you can achieve a lush mane, making graded haircut cascade. Before the wizard starts to wield a pair of scissors, determine for yourself exactly how you are going to continue to lay the hair ends. Of this technique depends on nuance hairstyle.haircut

If you – the owner of a round face, you are encouraged to complete the cascade cut bangs. Better to do a forward or asymmetrical bangs – it visually “pull” the person, making his features sharp and aristocratic. hair cut layers

Ragged cascade allows you to experiment with styling, try on different images, without changing drastically the length of hair. So if you want to slightly change its image, without parting with luxurious curls, this option – the best for you.


Medium length hairbob cut

Four of a kind – it is an eternal classic, relevant for almost any type of person, but this traditional hairstyle may look spectacular, if you run it in the engineering stage or make a ragged strands on each cut bob

A lover of outrageous and grunge style haircut for girls  fits Tomboy, which is based on an asymmetrical bob with jagged bangs. Naughty chic this style will give bright shade of hair, for example, the Nordic blond.blond hair

Tomboy haircut for girls favors the creation of extravagant styling. Long jagged bangs lay with wax so that it covers part of the face. Fan the hair and focus on the individual strands with wax or gel.

If you Streaked hair, due to careless packing game of shades will look brighter and the strands will be visually more comprehensive.

best haircut

By the way, if you want to get the original cut, do you ask the master volume bob with bangs, the length exceeds the bulk of the hair to enhance the effect when laying enough bangs combed to the side, or turn it into a volumetric image of the crest and add makeup in cold tones.haircut


Pixie haircut for Short hair

For short hair suits best the most popular haircut decade – Pixie haircut. She became a trendy trend in the 50′s of the last century, after the famous Audrey Hepburn appeared in such a manner in the romantic comedy “Roman Holiday.”pixie haircut

Selecting trendy pixie haircut careless, you can feel free to experiment with styling. It is especially good look at the background of contrasting color, such as Streaked strands.pixie cut


However, holders of short hair can also choose other options for haircuts. For example, a bean with ragged ends – no less stylish option, visually creates the effect of deliberate negligence. This haircut perfectly suits the charm of dark hair. Knocked out of the hair strands, profiled ends of different lengths not only look stylish, but also give the hair extra volume.the bob haircut

Do not be afraid to experiment and ask a wizard to cut the full asymmetry of lines, from the bangs and side locks to the occipital area. With this hairstyle you will always be in the spotlight.short bob haircut

If you are on a romantic wave, try the classic bob with parting and rounded tips. Blond hair on this haircut looks great.asymmetrical haircut

blond short hair

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