Long dress for women: how to wear a maxi dress?

long maxi dress

Long dress: summer dresses, TUNICS and maxi dress have become an integral part of the wardrobe girls. If you look for a long dress or a long skirt for summer or do not know what to wear with already available things, these tips are bound to be useful to you.

Long skirts

You can hardly find a girl who is limited to a single model, skirts, when so many of them – from short-to medium-sized mini midi and long maxi dress. Last recruited to its ranks a lot of fans, so this summer, as well as the past, long skirts in the streets of the city will be many. We offer you support this fashionable trend and buy a long skirt. Designers choose long skirt of silk sheer fabrics. Cut skirt is more individual and meets the exacting tastes of fashion-conscious women: one like straight and narrow, long skirt, the other – in Romani broad and multi-layer, the third – long skirts with slits and drapes.long dresses for prom



formal long dresses

Long dresses and sundresses

The increased interest of designers is to long summer dresses and sundresses, which continues unabated for several seasons in a row without allowing them to go out of fashion. Stereotypical view that a short DRESS – sexy and long – boring and monastic, is no longer relevant. At the maximum you can look stylish as well as in the mini. Sometimes the choice between mini and maxi dress even better to give preference to the maximum, because it provides freedom of movement and comfort, and you do not have to constantly pull up her dress when you sit down or bend over.

elegant long dresses

long dress

The maximum for each type of shape

Long skirts and dresses look great on tall and slender girls, but that does not mean that the rest of the maxi dress – a taboo. For each type of shape, you can pick up her long dress, dress or skirt.

The girls with the figure of “Pear” need to look long dress with V-neck or high-waisted dresses and long skirts to pick up a free cut top or top with ruffles. To figure type “Apple” recommended long dress and skirts with a small figure, with dark accents on the sides and a small belt at the waist. The figure of “Rectangle” decorate c ruffle long dress, ruffles, lush draperies and any inserts that create visual volume, and skirts – not straight, flared bottom, layered or Petticoats. The girls of short stature are suitable long dresses with vertical details in the form of strips or inserts of fabric uppers in a bustier or bodice with thin spaghetti straps and high waist. For low girls are also recommended length skirts with a gradient and with cutouts in the front or the side.

In contrast, long skirts, long dresses and sundresses are beautifully emphasizing the shape plus-size. To do this, choose a dress that “lifts” the chest and has a narrow straight cut with a noticeable waistline.floral maxi dress


From what to wear a long skirt?

With a vest, shirt or short top, leather jacket, trench or jacket. Try to pick uniform in splendor to the top of the skirt. If it’s straight LONG SKIRT, do not wear anything too wide, if a skirt, on the contrary, lush, gives up the divers, and the entire body hugging.best maxi dresses

From what to wear a long dress or sundress?

The maximum length of the line can open neckline, so you can safely pick up a dress or sundress, exposing your beautiful breasts. In cool weather, a long dress, like a long skirt, you can wear a leather jacket or blazer with ballet flats and a hot – wide-brimmed hat and sandals gladiators. It is better to choose long dress small and medium-sized handbags jewelry. Long dress with sneakers – an unforgivable mistake. If you so want to wear athletic shoes with the dress, the dress should only be short.

cotton maxi dress

chiffon maxi dress




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