Men’s haircut and hairstyles spring-summer 2013

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Brutality or sloppy chic? Light clutter or short “Hedgehog”? In this season in a variety of men’s haircut and hairstyles - it all depends on your imagination and creativity to your stylist!

Courage and self-confidence

Haircut “box” is a classic hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Hairstyle with neatly shaved temples does not require special care – hair enough to wash and dry. It is universal – “box” and “poluboks” looks great with both business suit and with style “casual”.men's haircut

These hairstyles emphasize the brutality and militant sexuality of their owner. Shaved temples will adjust “moonlike” and square face detracts from facial wrinkles under the eyes and the lips.

This hairstyle can be given the desired shape with strong hold gel or varnish. If you want some variety, ask the master on his head shaved geometric pattern – similar patterns attract the attention of the opposite sex. Fashionable today combination – short “hedgehog” and bangs medium length.haircuts for men

Hello from the UK and Canada

haircuts for boys

Modern dandy prefer such men’s haircut as “Briton” and “Canadian.” In essence, the two kinds of one half-length hair.canadian

“The British,” is running on medium-length hair thinning scissors. Canadian haircut involves shaving the hair on his's fashion

Stacked like hairstyle is quite simple. However, for such hair needs regular maintenance as they get dirty very quickly and start to look untidy. For installation , you can use wax, gel or mousse.short hair styles

Best to style your hair immediately after washing – wet strands better accept and absorb styling styles

Special style – “Briton” in curly hair.curly hair

If the hair is not curled naturally, use a diffuser or styler. Frizz each section for 10-20 seconds. The finished hairstyles disassemble your fingers into small strands and fix varnish.haircuts

In retro hairstyles

The hair of medium length look great retro hairstyles.retro hairstyle

Ideal “sleek” strands laid parted in the middle, luxuriant hair of varying length, cutting-bullying “rvanki” – all these hairstyles will undoubtedly daily take up your time on in a retro style

Smooth hair combed parted in the middle, require texturing wax and comb with a few teeth. Distribute on wet strands pea styling products. Dry hair while combing's haircut

If your hair pushatsya replace texturing tool serum or spray for straightening. Choose sprays labeled «alcohol-free» – alcohol dries your hair and causes the appearance of's haircuts

“Rvanki” shows men with a round face. Stack “ragged” cut a lot easier. Use mousse and fingers can create a mess on the head light for 2-3 minutes.medium hairstyle

To raise the hair on the back of the head, use a round brush and a means of basal volume.

Prefer a formal style of dress? Your choice-men’s haircut “bean”.curly hair styles

Have to adjust it at least once a month. With this hairstyle, you can hide the big ears and the folds of fat around the neck. laying

If you – romantic nature, Diversify “bean” long, straight bangs, falling to the eye.2013


But is such a young men’s haircut, as with mature members of the stronger sex, it can play a cruel joke – to emphasize the existing lines. boxing

And look at the 40-year old man she will be at least strange.briton

spring-summer 2013

If you want to reduce the time spent on care and styling to a minimum, choose a multi-cut. Ideal solution for you – the men’s haircut “on 0″. Besides, bald men, most women are associated with the sport and a healthy lifestyleblack hair


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