New year 2013: make-up and skin care products for face and body

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Make-up and skin care products for face and body with shiny effect in the New Year 2013.On the calendar the 12th number and we do prepare for the celebration of the New Year. No  matter where you find the beginning of 2013 – at a noisy party or at home with your family, the most important – is Christmas mood! And it will help to create tools that make the skin glow and skin care.

Let’s start with a facial for skin care. Day use smoothing cream care  of pink series Weleda . Due to natural plant extracts of myrrh, horsetail and purple stonecrop means revitalizes and tightens the skin prone to dryness. If you have normal or combination skin type, we recommend you to pay attention to the daily gel brightens skin Clarins Eclat du Jour: matting agent skin while filling it with energy from within.

To prepare for the day of the responsible, we recommend changing and night cream for skin care. Lancaster Skin Therapy affects the skin cells as it is at night, at a time when they are at the peak of activity. As a result, the skin looks in the morning refreshed and radiant. But before you apply make-up New Year, use a hit of Sisley – Express face mask “Shine.” Its formula with red clay gently removes all impurities that clog pores and ruin your complexion. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and radiant.Lancaster

Then you can start to make-up. In winter, more than ever relevant image of Snow White with light skin, but if you are a supporter of a nice tan, it should be stressed! We recommend to look at the material and liquid bronzer make-up MAC Lustre Drops and Rouge Bunny Rouge “Summer spices.” Just add a few drops of bronzer to your day cream or arrange accents after applying foundation. MAC Lustre Drops provides natural shimmering finish and is available in two shades of the permanent collection in New Year – for skin with yellow and pink midtone. Rouge Bunny Rouge “Summer spices” – is not only bronzat, but also a powerful tool’s Skin: it contains vitamin E, extracts of linden flowers and rice, jojoba and hyaluronic acid best for skin care product.

Preparing the skin for the holiday, do not forget the body and skin care ! The first thing is to carve out a busy schedule for the bath. Do not forget to bring back sea salt “Anti-Stress” with essential oils from Pevonia Botanica : it will help you relax your muscles and restore the dream – the most important thing for the beauty of the skin. Bonus – the effect of aromatherapy by ylang-ylang, lavender and mandarin in the composition.

Soak in the bath, to be concerned about skin moisturizing body. We like the new product of make-up in New Year  by Vichy – body oil and hair Nutriextra. Its light, “dry” texture instantly absorbed into the skin, leaving only a feeling of moisture and napitannosti. The tool is also great for hair care: the main thing is not to put it on the roots.

New Year’s Eve – a very special time, when the lights do not happen, and sequins on the body more than appropriate, especially if it is a shimmering haze of body “Amazing ginger lily” from Molton Brown . You just need to shake the bottle and apply the spray to the skin, avoiding the means to face and clothes. The result – not only elegant shimmer but subtle perfume composition with notes of Indian tuberose, lily, sandalwood and cardamom.

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    There can be nothing more refreshing than soaking in a bath during the holiday season. These are some most amazing skin care products and using them will give you a gorgeous skin. This is because of the natural ingredients used in these products.

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