Styles of shawl wrap: 8 ways to tie a scarf style

ways to tie a winter scarf

Scarf is one ACCESSORY that cannot be underestimated. Beautiful bright color shawl wrap, nicely around the neck, is able to give a special touch to your image of sophistication and elegance. We, as a rule, do not attach importance to wear as scarves, just tying it tightly around the neck to keep warm. And a very good reason. Do not stop at only one way to wear scarves, learn together with us for a few simple video instructions and get to know how to tie scarves, where you will review in detail the most advanced techniques.

1. Shawl wrap as a rocker

Let’s start with the most uncomplicated way to wear scarves, which would require minimal effort and you have probably long been familiar. Shawl is located in the neck, both ends evenly and without the clutter hanging from his shoulders, like arm. The catch with this method is just that smooth silk scarf can “slip” and fall off the neck.spring scarves


2. Scarf style in the loop

Another simple and familiar way to tie scarves, which even a child can learn. Fold the scarf in half and put it on his neck, and then pull the two ends through the loop and pull them. This method is good to tie scarves for men to learn and to be able to give an elegant accent jacket or coat with a handsome MALE ENHANCEMENT.winter scarves


3. Scarves knot

Variants of knots on scarves can be a huge amount. A node can have one or more, located in front or side end bow or just loose “tails.” Looks elegant on HER BLOUSE scarf style knotted in the form of a butterfly. To make it, you need to tie a shawl knot below the neck, and the ends of the base and spread nicely to resemble butterfly wings.women scarves


4. Shawl wrap as ring

Online you can find scarves, originally made as a ring and no tips. This popular model for several years called “LIC” or “endless shawl.” Mated in this way can an ordinary scarf, just wrapping it several times around the neck and fixed rear ends so they will not be seen under a shawl.summer scarves


5. Scarf style as tippet

Another simple way to tie a shawl that looks neat and nice and gives you a feeling of comfort. Donning a shawl wrap around his neck, one end let down by the shoulder, and the other leave quietly hang. This method is the adherents of strict style of shawls


6. Scarf style complex knot

To understand the first time, how to make a complex site, not easily, if at hand you do not have an assistant and video instructions. But for best results, and you can try.Shawl wrap around his neck that both ends evenly hung one end again wrap around the head and received from him the noose pull his own tip, and then made the call, both the tip and tighten the knot around his neck.different scarf styles


7. Shawl wrap as a headband

This fashionable idea advice reserved for summer and hot weather. Use a thin silk scarf or HANDKERCHIEF and tie it nice and bow knot above the forehead or back of the neck like a bandage. Both methods are suitable for both owners of long hair and short hair cuts, with only the latter is better to use a very thin wraps


8. Scarf style instead of a belt

Thin shawl can be multiple applications. You can also wear it as a belt or STRAP on top of dresses, trousers or tunics. Thin enough to shawl wrap around your waist and secure knot or bow. If you have the skills novice designer, you can use the rings, buckles, straps and turn an ordinary scarves unique accessory.ways to tie scarfs


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